Frequently Asked Questions

Japan, China, USA, Korea, etc.
Refine by email - specifically for your parts.

Shipping from Vladivostok city usually carried by transport company ZhDEkspeditsiya. If you have your wishes regarding the delivery from Vladivostok city, let us know. Delivery price can be paid by yourself upon receipt. Shipping cost to Russia is calculated from weight and volume of the goods and is about 10-30 USD - one detail. Delivery time from Vladivostok to Russia is about 8-10 days. For merchandise, you will only need a passport.

Simply email to, when you paid.

New photos of the goods laid out to the site once it appears.

Plastic Material is "Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)" (fiber reinforced polymer) - reinforced fiberglass. Since the plant comes in the ground, just under the painting. Factory production, not the garage molding. The material is very easy. Heat. Is very good bend! Actually rises with small fitting. New product. In the complete mesh (grill), tumanki if styles involve these elements.

Do not forget about CARBON. We offer a wide selection of carboxylic detail: roofs and trunks, doors and hoods. In the majority of Japanese cars!

Term of order execution (production + delivery to Vladivostok city) 1-2 weeks, depending on the total volume of our orders to manufacturers and the rate of customs. Price for delivery to Vladivostok, is already included to the price of the goods.

Any form of payment. We provide all related documents: receipts, invoices (for non-cash transactions).
Advance reservation of 50%. The balance is paid after the loading of the transport company and the provision of inventory shipped to the buyer of the goods.
In order to write down your account, we require your passport details.

Official company office, a good name. People living in the Primorsky
region, can drive up and sign a contract with the company on preferential
conditions. Office and the company works since 2005. There is evidence and
other official documents to prove it.

BL> 150 dealer certificate for Webmoney.
No claim to arbitration.
Two lines above say about the hundreds of successful sales on the Internet.